Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs are designed for students who have completed their high school career and desire to further their education.



  1. 1.  The student must have an earned diploma in an approved high school program.
  2. 2.  Students who did not graduate from a Christian high school may be required to complete additional prerequisite courses.

3.  The student must provide evidence of his high school completion.  Evidence required:  Official high school transcripts and a copy of his diploma.


One year programs are not college degrees, but are recognized by awarding the student with a certificate of completion.  The certificate acknowledges that the student has completed a required course of study which included no less than 32 credit hours of work.  The student must earn a minimum grade of 74% (C-) in each of the courses for credit.  One Year Certificate courses may be applied to a degree if the student wishes to continue his education.  One Year Certificate programs are available in Bible and Ministry.


Bachelor of Arts in Bible – with areas of Concentration in General Bible Studies, and Ministry related fields.


Bachelor of Science in Christian Education – with an emphasis in either elementary or secondary studies.