Academic Information



In general, 100-level courses are considered basic first year courses and are usually prerequisites for more advanced courses.  200-level are second year courses, 300-level are third year courses, and 400-level are fourth year courses.  There are exceptions to this pattern listed within individual programs of study.  Additional exceptions require prior approval from the Academic Dean.  500-level and 600-level courses are considered graduate level courses for advanced degrees.


BI            Bible                                                       MI           Missions

BL            Bible Languages                                   MU          Music

CM           Christian Ministries                               PE            Physical Education

CO            Counseling                                          PH           Philosophy

ED            Christian Education                              PT            Practical Training

EN           English                                                  SC            Science

HI            History                                                   SP            Speech

MA          Mathematics




All of the courses listed in the course descriptions will not be offered simultaneously.  A separate course scheduling guide will be made available at the beginning of each term stating the courses offered and the day/time/location for each class.




Any course with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled.




Each credit hour consists of a minimum of 12 lecture hours or its equivalent (i.e. testing and evaluation).  A lecture hour consists of a minimum of 50 minutes of class time.




  1. Freshman – a student who has satisfied the entrance requirements but has completed fewer than 28 credit hours.
  2. Sophomore – A student who has completed at least 28 credit hours, but has fewer than 62 credit hours completed.
  3. Junior – A student who has completed at least 62 credit hours, but has fewer than 96 credit hours completed.
  4. Senior – A student who has completed at least 96 credit hours.




Some courses may be taken as correspondence courses and not require the student to attend regular weekly class lectures.  These courses have their own timeline concerning requirements and lecture classes which the student must follow.  The cost for correspondence courses may vary from standard classroom courses.


Because all of the courses listed may not be available for correspondence study, students desiring to do most or all of their work correspondence will be sent a revised study program.  The program will include the correspondence courses available, the requirements for their individual program, and a recommended schedule of completion.




Students enrolled at Open Door Bible College may take courses for transfer at another college, but prior approval from the Academic Dean is required.  Transfer credits must meet graduation requirements.  Only grades of “C” or higher will be accepted for transfer.  Course descriptions, as well as official transcripts, are required to determine transfer eligibility.



The following has been adopted as the grading scale for all work:


Letter Grades                     Percentage Grades                         Grade Points


A+                                    98    –     100

A                                      95    –       97

A-                                    92    –       94                                        4


B+                                    89    –       91

B                                      86    –       88

B-                                    83    –       85                                        3


C+                                    80    –       82

C                                      77    –       79

C-                                    74    –       76                                        2


D+                                    71    –       73

D                                      68    –       70

D-                                    65    –       67                                        1


F                                        0    –       64                                        0




Summa cum laude              3.90 – 4.00

Magna cum laude               3.75 – 3.89

Cum laude                           3.50 – 3.74




  1. Complete a minimum of 128 credit hours, including all course required to complete major and minor fields of study.
  2. Earn at least a 2.00 grade point average.
  3. Receive a grade of at least a “C” in all courses required for a major field of study unless a higher grade is required on specified courses.
  4. Complete at least 32 hours of study at Open Door Bible College.
  5. Settle all financial obligations to the college.
  6. Attend commencement activities if enrolled in the spring semester.




To meet each course grade requirements and performance goals, the student is expected to attend all lecture sessions and conscientiously participate in all classroom discussions and learning activities, including completing all reading assignments.